Come Learn, Explore and Create with ArtsCool Art 
It all starts with a child's imagination....
Let them add their favorite materials such as paints watercolors. oil pastels, modeling compounds, collage, fabrics and a lot of found objects. We spark the creativity by looking at a different artist or technique and using the "Visual Thinking Strategies" to discuss and share ideas about what we see.   
We strongly believe that art helps children stimulate and develop the imagination and critical thinking, as well as refine the cognitive, motor and creative skills of children. We understand that art, stimulates memory and motivates children to engage in activity.
Play is the business of young children. Play promotes and enhances their development.  Art is the most natural vehicle for play. 
ArtsCool Art classes serve preschool through grade 8
We are currently delivering ArtsCool Art at the following locations:
Bells Ferry Elementary, Davis Academy, Due West Elementary, Garden Hills Elementary, The Museum School, Nicholson Elementary, The Preschool Place,  Roswell Visual Arts Center, Second Ponce De Leon Family Life Center, Sunshine School of the MJCCA, Peachtree United Methodist Church and our new studio at Wall to Wall Sports Complex in Roswell. 
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